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Integrated voice, video, and data for mission-critical operations

Whether you’re a law enforcement officer, firefighter, state trooper, or EMS first responder, in the world of public safety, every mission is critical with no room for error. People are counting on you to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and resolve incidents with professionalism and precision. Equipping your agency with the right tools will boost the productivity and speed of your officers, responders, dispatchers, and everyone involved on the front lines or behind the scenes.

In environments as harsh as those faced by public safety agencies, standard solutions will not withstand the hard elements and physical challenges endured by first responders. Diversified Electronics has decades of experience working with public safety agencies worldwide and has a thorough understanding of the hurdles workers encounter every day. Motorola APX radios and accessories are built to withstand extreme temperatures and drops, dispatch solutions increase dispatcher performance and situational awareness, and incident management software provides agencies with an all-in-one web-based system to analyze and resolve incidents at lightning speed. These are just a few examples of how Motorola is helping public safety agencies make the world a safer place.

Every team, department, and operation has its own unique communication needs and requirements, but the task at hand is always mission-critical and time-sensitive. Diversified Electronics has worked with public safety agencies in since 1969 and are experts in designing, building, and installing the right solution to tackle your operational needs and fit your budget. Trust Diversified Electronics, your authorized Motorola public safety radio dealer, to customize an integrated solution that delivers voice, video, and data where and when you need it.

APX P25 Radios

Motorola public safety radios are built to the durability standards required for police, EMS, and firefighters. The Accelerated Life Testing simulates years of field use and has proven these radios can handle the test of time. Made with a T-grip design with large controls for intuitive, easy use, and extended battery life for use over multiple shifts, Motorola public safety radios should be the only choice for agencies in .


Motorola never compromises on quality. The same durability level, intelligent audio technology, and field testing goes into APX accessories, as seen in Motorola public safety radios. Adding any line of Motorola’s public safety radio accessories to your agency can help improve your officer’s communication ability while letting them stay focused on their mission.

Application Software

State-of-the-art location tracking keeps dispatchers informed of every position of essential personnel. Over-the-air programming keeps your radios up-to-date while employees are in the field. Post-incident resolution solutions help agencies with the storage, management, analysis, and investigation of evidence from the first 9-1-1 call to the final reporting.

Dispatch Solutions

Your dispatch console is the nerve center for all first responder organizations. Motorola’s dispatch solutions offer a state-of-the-art interface that helps dispatchers get responders on-scene faster and with better situational awareness. Motorola’s consoles and voice logging solutions offer departments real-time intelligence with lightning-fast access to information.

Incident Management Software

The Incident Management Software system from Motorola is a cloud-based safety software platform secured by some of the best network protection technology on the market. This software features an easy-to-operate interface that provides the quickest access to all reports throughout every stage of an incident. Share and receive information across all devices, connect every department in your agency, and get dispatch and analytics on one platform for public safety radio communications. 

Fire Pagers

Built for the realities firefighter’s face, Motorola fire pagers feature a rugged design and help keep agencies informed to expedite emergency response. Our line-up of fire pagers includes cutting-edge innovations like battery level announcements, advanced message management, wideband receiver design, and silent, priority, or probability scan modes.

Serving the Southeast Since 1969

Diversified Electronics Inc. is an authorized Motorola Solutions Channel Partner and Service Elite Specialist, with several locations in South Carolina and Georgia. We are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing leading wireless communications solutions since 1969, always living by the motto “Do it right the first time”. No matter the size of your operation, our Wireless Communication Specialists can help you determine the right solution for your team and budget.

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