Two-Way Radio Rentals

Flexible rental plans for season industries, special projects, and events

APX 1500 Mobile Radio

While there are many benefits to ownership, there are times in life, especially in business, when it makes more sense to rent. For example, construction projects take months, and communication is required from start to finish. Renting rugged, portable radios is an effective way to increase productivity and ensure your workers’ safety.

Our short-term and long-term 2 way radio rental plans are perfectly suited for seasonal industries, special projects, and events. Renting your communications equipment minimizes upfront costs and allows you to budget with flexible terms.

Benefits of Two-Way Radio Rentals

New Technology

Access the newest models with walkie talkie rentals in South Carolina and Georgia. Renting puts the most advanced radios in the hands of your workers, giving you a competitive advantage over your competition and avoiding the expense of updating your radio fleet.

Try Before You Buy

If you're considering purchasing new radios for your commercial or government organization, Motorola two- way radio rentals allow you to test the different models available to find the right fit for the job before making an investment.

No Storage

Save on the cost of storing your two-way radio rentals. Your authorized Motorola dealer, Diversified Electronics, takes care of proper storage and regular maintenance for you.


Predictable monthly rates as an alternative to purchasing equipment upfront enables your organization to stay on-budget and minimize unforeseen costs.


Whether it's adding new members to the team or expanding into new locations, you can easily equip your workers with two-way radios already registered to operate on FCC-approved radio frequencies. We also offer expedited shipping for public safety emergencies.

Maintenance & Repairs

Experience worry-free maintenance and support with two-way radio leasing and rentals from Diversified Electronics. You can trust our Motorola experts to quickly repair and return your radio to help reduce downtime.

Why Rent Your Radios From Diversified Electronics?

Diversified Electronics has been offering communications solutions for businesses throughout the Southeast since 1969, offering a wide range of communications solutions to improve safety, boost productivity, and advance efficiency.

As a trusted Motorola Solutions Channel Partner and Service Elite Specialist, we can offer our customers access to the most advanced fleet of Motorola Digital Radios compatible with the Motorola systems we service.

Contact us to learn more about short and long-term radio rentals for Motorola two-way radios, repeaters, accessories, and customizable communications solutions we have to offer your commercial or government operation.

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Diversified Electronics Inc. is an authorized Motorola Solutions Channel Partner and Service Elite Specialist, with several locations in South Carolina and Georgia. We are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing leading wireless communications solutions since 1969, always living by the motto “Do it right the first time”. No matter the size of your operation, our Wireless Communication Specialists can help you determine the right solution for your team and budget.

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