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APX NEXT Portable Radio
APX NEXT Portable Radio

Two-way radios are not new devices, with their history dating back to the 1920s. What is new is the suite of advanced capabilities, features, and extensive coverage that they offer. You might think that after all these years and with the rise of cellphones, two-way radios would have been rendered obsolete by now. However, using two-way radios in your South Carolina and Georgia business or public safety organization can offer several advantages over any other form of communication.

The communication from two-way radios is instantaneous, unlike cellphones, where you must dial a number and wait for the other to pick up. In many situations, especially during safety issues, instant communication with push-to-talk technology helps keep your team on top of tasks and informed with the most up-to-date information without any downtime to answer calls. Call groups make it easy to contact multiple people simultaneously without interrupting those who do not need to hear the transmission. Motorola two-way radios from Diversified Electronics, your Motorola radio distributor, can also come equipped with additional safety features that help protect every member of your team.

The durability of every radio is proven through Motorola’s Accelerated Life Test (ALT), rigorous laboratory testing that simulates years of field use. Motorola’s commitment to quality and reliability is unmatched with radios built and tested to achieve high levels of component and workmanship quality. Unlike your cellphone, two-way radios can handle drops, temperature shocks, exposure to dust and rain, and the tough nature of your commercial or government operation.

Benefits of Motorola Two-Way Radios

Durable Design

Accelerated Life Testing is conducted on all Motorola two-way radios to ensure reliable performance against water, dust, extreme temperatures, drops on concrete, and vibrations and shocks from heavy machinery.

High-Performance Battery

Multiple shifts can be covered on a single charge. Every component of your radio is built to last, putting all Motorola 2 way radio accessories through the same simulated field testing as their radios.

Reliable Coverage

Motorola two-way radios provide the reliable coverage you need where you need it. Experience uninterrupted communications on a single site, across the county, or even around the globe with the advanced technology from Motorola.

Flexible Options

From heavy-duty radios for rugged environments and harsh conditions, to lightweight radios for industries that require users to be on their feet all day, Diversified Electronics offers a wide range of radios to fit your unique needs

Safety First

Protect your team and the communities you serve with advanced safety features, such as Man Down, Lone Worker, Location Tracking, Emergency Interrupt, and more.


Motorola radios remain the most cost-effective choice for reliable workplace communications. There are no recurring fees, a durable design to reduce repair costs, and USDOT compliance for mobile fleets.

Portable Two-Way Radios

Transform your workplace with the remastered digital technology that is Motorola MOTOTRBO portable radios. Diversified Electronics, your Motorola authorized dealer for South Carolina and Georgia, offers Motorola’s comprehensive portfolio of digital products and the industry’s most extensive collection of data applications that fit with your organization. Experience amazing features with portable two-way radios from Diversified Electronics like Intelligent Audio for clear transmissions, Text-to-Speech for added convenience, and IMPRES battery technology for incredible battery longevity.

Mobile Two-Way Radios

Motorola MOTOTRBO mobile two-way radios are the solution you need to keep your people connected, everywhere they go. The advanced technology for higher performance and productivity levels offers double the capacity in digital mode, Acoustic Feedback Suppression for improved audio clarity, Bluetooth for hands-free US DOT compliant communications, Location Tracking for fleet management, and more.

APX 1500 Mobile Radio

Radio Rentals

Radio rentals are the perfect solution to help get you through peak season or manage a large event. By renting, you can avoid the upfront investment of paying for equipment that may end up sitting on a shelf for most of the year. Renting also releases the burden for repair, maintenance, and refreshing batteries onto your supplier. By renting two-way radios from Diversified Electronics, your two-way radio supplier for your South Carolina and Georgia organization, you get access to the latest technologies that help your business operate efficiently.

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