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There are critical moments in every mission or business: when time is of the essence and failure is not an option. Diversified Electronics Inc. offers end-to-end communication solutions that work together seamlessly to increase efficiency, productivity, workplace safety, ensuring that your team is always ready for whatever comes their way.

Reliable and instant communication is the key to unlocking the full potential of your commercial or government organization in South Carolina and Georgia. With clear and continuous communication between every member of your team, operations can push forward steadily without any detrimental lapses in information or unnecessary downtime. With a two-way radio on-hand and reliable network coverage, your employees will always have a lifeline to reach out if there’s ever an emergency.

Motorola has a complete suite of devices and systems that your authorized Motorola Radio Dealer, Diversified Electronics Inc., can custom design to meet the demands of organizations across the Southeast. No matter the size of your business or the industry you operate in, we can create the perfect end-to-end communication solutions. As a Service Elite Specialist, Diversified Electronics Incorporated is factory-trained and certified to provide expert system design, installation, and service for all 2 way radio solutions we sell.

IFC 510

The adoption of the International Fire Code IFC section 510, requires adequate in-building coverage for public safety radio communication systems. This building code has caused some confusion and surprised some building owners and developers as most were unaware of this relatively new requirement. Diversified Electronics Incorporated can test and certify buildings for IFC 510 utilizing industry-standard, calibrated test equipment to perform on-site spectrum analysis of radio signal levels to ensure compliance with IFC 510 requirements. If your building fails IFC 510 testing, Diversified Electronics Incorporated can provide a turn-key Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERRCS) solution to bring your building into compliance with the code.

In-Building Coverage

In-building coverage is a must to comply with your local building codes to maintain coverage throughout your building for first responders, but that’s not the only reason it’s crucial. In today’s modern age, reliable wireless coverage is a must to keep customers happy and employees connected. Signal Maxx solutions from Diversified Electronics Incorporated typically include a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) paired with Bi-Directional Antennas (BDA). The BDAs are connected to the DAS, and signals are amplified and distributed throughout a facility providing better in-building coverage for wireless devices.

Two-Way Radios

With the push of a button, the right Motorola radio solution can help your team maximize productivity and reduce inefficiencies. Diversified Electronics Inc. is proud to offer Motorola’s operations-critical radio products, designed for commercial and government communications. With the comprehensive selection of MOTOTRBO radios available, no matter the industry you operate in, there is a purpose-built Motorola radio for your business that will increase productivity, efficiency, and safety. Motorola’s commitment to quality and reliability is unmatched with radios built to achieve high component and workmanship quality.

Cellular Coverage

The world relies on cellular coverage to keep them connected. Dense materials like metal, concrete, and insulated glass often interfere with incoming cellular signals. Metal bodies of most vehicles also block cellular service, making it difficult for your fleet to communicate. If your business operates in remote areas, distance from cell towers and obstructions between you and that cell tower can be another factor leading to inadequate cellular coverage. To give you the connectivity you need, Diversified Electronics Inc. works with industry leaders Wilson Pro, Cel-Fi, and Spidercloud Wireless. Our experts can evaluate the needs of your organization and provide you with the Motorola business solution that meets your demands and suits your budget.

Video Surveillance

Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company, offers an end-to-end system for your video surveillance. Suitable for residential, commercial, and government buildings, Avigilon surveillance camera systems from Diversified Electronics Inc. provides you with high-quality imaging, maximum coverage, and complete control over security in your location. You can secure every inch of your property from unwanted visitors and threats with a full suite of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras and sensors. The addition of a network video recorder workstation provides you with simple, high-performance machinery that enables you to view and record from a centralized unit. With Diversified Electronics Inc. and Avigilon, your team is equipped with the most advanced surveillance technology on the market to ensure the security and safety of your team and the communities you serve.

Radio Rentals

Radio rentals are the perfect walkie talkie solution to help get you through peak season or manage a large event. By renting, you can avoid the upfront investment of paying for equipment that may end up sitting on a shelf for most of the year. Renting also releases the burden for repair, maintenance, and refreshing batteries onto your supplier. Diversified Electronics Inc. offers licensed radio frequencies that are compliant to FCC regulations. By renting two-way radios from Diversified Electronics Inc. for your organization, you get access to the latest technologies that help your business operate efficiently.

Public Safety Solutions

In an emergency, first responders may be a few feet or several miles apart. When every second counts, your public safety organization need radios and systems you can rely on to keep teams connected. Since coordinating response and protecting lives is at the heart of every mission, every two-way radio transmission is crucial. Inadequate coverage can result in missed transmissions or unnecessary delays in moving the mission forward, which can be detrimental to the public’s safety. Diversified Electronics Inc. has a wide range of communication technologies designed specifically for mission-critical operations to provide you and the communities you serve the safety you need, when you need it.

Radio Systems

Diversified Electronics Inc. radio and wireless communication solutions give you innovative, easy-to-operate, and budget-friendly solutions for your voice and data communications needs. Connect sites across wide areas and borders, free workers to use their device of choice, and improve workforce management. Your enterprises can add these benefits and more to the devices your team is already using with Motorola MOTOTRBO radio systems. Whether you have a small company or large corporation, our team at Diversified Electronics Inc. are dedicated to finding the right equipment for your operation. We understand the challenges you face. Our team of Motorola factory-trained and certified experts offer Free System Assessments to evaluate your communication requirements and recommend the most effective plan for improving team communications.

Serving the Southeast Since 1969

Diversified Electronics Inc. is an authorized Motorola Radio Dealer and Service Elite Specialist, with several locations in South Carolina and Georgia. We are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing leading wireless communications solutions since 1969, always living by the motto “Do it right the first time”. No matter the size of your operation, our Wireless Communication Specialists can help you determine the right solution for your team and budget.

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