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84% of public safety agencies still rely on spreadsheets for crime analysis and 30% of officer time is spent at the station on reporting. Are you using the right tools to ensure your time is being spent where it matters most?

With over 240 million 9-1-1 calls made per year, public safety agencies are tasked with managing the growing number of emergency incidents, while also trying to find ways to optimize response times. From decades of experience Motorola has with designing communications solutions, they have come to understand the unique challenges public safety operations face with efficiency and productivity.

As a Motorola Solutions Channel Partner, Diversified Electronics has access to industry-leading public safety software vendors that are dedicated to helping agencies streamline operations and resolve crimes faster. With the right tools, your agency can reduce the time and cost associated with storing data in multiple locations, while also enabling coordination with other agencies to bring your disparate networks together to better serve and protect your communities.

Emergency Call Management

During an emergency, every second counts. Provide your call-takers with the software they can rely on to lead them to the right response, every time. Emergency call management software enables call-takers to efficiently handle calls through reliable 9-1-1 systems that quickly locate callers, unify 9-1-1 and CAD workflows, and integrate text and data. This public safety software solution provides advanced features, such as call routing, location services, GIS services, cybersecurity, robust call handling, and mapping and analytics solutions.

Voice & Computer-Aided Dispatch

First responders need the right information with no room for error. Knowing the situation before responders arrive on-scene can help them move faster and keep the public and themselves safe. This Motorola public safety software connects responders with complete, life-saving information in an integrated solution built for single or multiple jurisdictional dispatch centers to coordinate the response to incidents with decisive speed and maximum configuration.

Command Central

Unify your team with one view and one workflow for safe and rapid response. This complete operational view integrates critical real-time intelligence in a single display, including video alerts and mapping data. Tie operations together and improve situational awareness with real-time video feeds, responder location and status, and alerts for vehicle impact, weapon drawn, man down, shots fired, and vest pierce.

Field Response & Reporting

Field response and reporting public safety software equips your officers with applications that deliver the right information to those who need it most. Motorola applications mobilize information so workers in the field are always prepared and can spend more time being part of the communities they serve, instead of in the office filing reports. Keep your responders focused and efficient by enabling them to quickly communicate with dispatch without relying on voice and easily capturing information in the field without returning to headquarters.

Records & Evidence Management

Motorola offers the best software solution for public safety records and evidence management, allowing you to easily manage all data across your operation. Public safety agencies in have moved beyond forms and reports. Now video, audio, images, sensor data, and more are captured over the course of an incident and need to be managed. With records and evidence management applications from Motorola, incident and 9-1-1 data, sensor information, radio logs, images, and videos are centralized and intuitively organized.

Analysis & Investigations

With analysis and investigation software from Motorola, you can transform the vast amounts of information your agency collects into actionable insights to recognize activity patterns, accelerate investigations, better allocate resources, and proactively address crime. Let the technology do the heavy lifting for you by automatically connecting the dots between analyzing national crime data, public records information, license plat hits, and more.

Public Safety Software Benefits for Agencies

Using the old ways of forms, written reports, and spreadsheets is not the best use of an officer’s time. By adding Motorola public safety software to your operation, you can expedite processes, from dispatchers to officers on the front lines, and allow them to handle more incidents more efficiently. By adding one or more applications to your agency, you can streamline workflows to better manage evolving challenges and make informed decisions that can save time and save lives.

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