Two-Way Radio Repeaters

Extend indoor and outdoor two-way radio coverage


Extend your two-way radio coverage to reach low-coverage zones with indoor and outdoor Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Repeaters from your Southeast Motorola dealer. Two-way radio repeater systems simultaneously receive and retransmit radio signals at a higher power to cover greater distances and reach areas with poor reception.

Having repeaters on your worksite boosts your network coverage while allowing your employees to increase workplace productivity with uninterrupted communications. Repeaters help your network overcome large obstructions that deteriorate signal strength and make it easy to communicate across a single large site or multiple locations.

Benefits of Two-Way Radio Repeaters

Improve Coverage

Motorola's two-way radio repeaters extend the range of your network. A Motorola 2 way radio repeater is likely the solution you need if your business experiences inadequate coverage due to indoor interference or operating remotely.

Amplify Signals

There are areas in facilities that usually have poor reception like underground parking, pedways, basements, and stairwells. Repeaters help amplify and distribute wireless signals to these low reception areas to eliminate dead zones and dropped calls.

Reach Remote Locations

Many South Carolina and Georgia businesses in the construction, oil and gas, and transportation industries routinely operate in remote locations. Experience seamless roaming coverage across the city, state, or country with a 2 way radio repeater from Diversified Electronics.

Indoor Solutions

Radio users operating in emergency services, such as fire departments, paramedics, and police use indoor repeaters to avoid transmission bottlenecks. In-building repeaters are also ideal for expansive facilities, reinforced concrete structures, and high-rises.

Outdoor Solutions

Not all locations receive equal network coverage. Critical communications could be missed if you don't have the right Motorola Repeater to extend reach throughout your area of operation.

Scalable Solutions

As your business grows, your systems must grow with it. Motorola repeaters are compatible with Motorola conventional single-site and wide-area trunked radio systems, in addition to supporting analog and digital transmissions.


How Repeaters Work

Radio repeaters are a combination of a radio receiver and a radio transmitter. They receive radio signals and simultaneously retransmit them at a higher power, extending the distance your radio communications can cover. Repeater stations commonly have their antennas mounted on a high hill or top of a tall building. The station ideally should be central to and overlook the area you cover.

Indoor Repeaters

Large buildings are made of materials that are difficult for radio signals to penetrate. Wood, steel, and concrete all create an obstacle that can interfere with your communications. By installing a Motorola radio repeater for your South Carolina and Georgia organization, you can eliminate the nuisance these structural components form and let your team communicate without interruption.

Outdoor Repeaters

If you're in an industry that operates in remote areas, chances are you've come to know the difference in coverage you can expect when on you're onsite versus when you're closer to civilization. Outlying and isolated areas are commonly far away from the radio towers that generate powerful two-way radio communications. With the help of Motorola radio repeaters from Diversified Electronics, your business can exponentially boost your coverage area at a very affordable price.

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