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Protect Your Team with Motorola Safety Reimagined Platform

As the world becomes increasingly security conscious, most facilities are struggling to accommodate the rising security needs. The new threats pose varying levels of risk – from everyday concerns to potential extremely dangerous situations. Since no risk is too small to ignore, facility managers often scramble to address them all. However, most facilities deploy a security system that’s limited to a surveillance system and access control. They fail to consider the interconnection between safety, efficiency, and productivity. Such a narrow view makes it impossible to address all workplace safety challenges and prevent their recurrence.

Luckily, Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined platform lets customers launch a multi-faceted security system with multiple applications. The world’s first integrated safety platform that unifies voice, data, video, and analytics into one robust and dynamic solution. It gives you the ability to bolster workplace security, improve efficiency, and productivity without effecting your workforce. Best of all, Motorola Safety Reimagined solution lets you proactively respond instead of playing catch up when it comes to workplace safety and security.

Early detection is at the heart of every efficient safety system. It allows you to act and contain the situation before it degenerates into a full-blown catastrophe. Since it combines all popular modes of communication, this solution gives you eyes and ears all over your operation. Some of the solution’s salient features include video security, License Plate Recognition, Watchlist Alerting, Access Control, and Radio Alert.  These features work seamlessly to help you detect threats immediately.

The video security system coupled with AI analytics is priceless in a school environment. It lets you detect and address subtle threats that carry huge implications in student safety. With Motorola Safety Reimagined, you can ensure only authorized parents pick the kids from school. You can use facial and license plate recognition features to create a database of people that might cause potential issues.  The system will alert the security team if anyone on that list shows up at the facility to pick up a child. In a school Advanced video analytics will help identify strange cars and sound an alert whenever there’s unauthorized access to restricted areas. 

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Self-learning video analytics give Safety Reimagined an edge over the traditional security systems. This video technology comes with a sophisticated AI-powered search engine to improve incident response time. It lets you search through hours of video in minutes. Or search for a person or a vehicle by physical description. Simply upload a photo, enter a physical description, or use a recorded video and it’ll find a match. Surprisingly, the AI technology quickly learns the typical activity of any given scene and will readily detect and flag unusual motions. 

The system improves video monitoring by helping your security team consume video information intuitively. A Focus of Attention interface detects and flags with color-coded nodes for immediate recognition. For instance, you may program the system to tag anyone coming into your facility without a face mask. Your security team can take in the problem with a simple glance at the screen and respond appropriately. 

The ability to communicate quickly and reliably is key to keeping your team functioning seamlessly under any circumstances. The Safety Reimagined platform uses DMR Radios that are engineered to the highest standards. These extra-tough, ultra-thin portable two-way radios boast a long battery life, and responsiveness. They let your team members work and collaborate efficiently as a unified force during your daily operations. With most people carrying a smartphone, you can tap the power of WAVE PTX and turn any device into a push-to-talk radio gateway. The app allows seamless communication at a touch of a button.

The platform connects your security team with reliable voice communication while allowing them to streamline the security operations. It will enable them to map and visualize incidents, report and capture incident details for enhanced decision making. 

The ability to respond to developing situations, protect employees, and maintain operations depends on your capacity to assemble critical resources. It calls for a fast and reliable communication system that’s not constrained by your network. It’s unbounded by device type, coverage area, or network technology. Simply put, this platform transforms how team members to share information during a crisis and enhance situational awareness. 

It also enhances mass communication to let you deliver critical information through radios, phone, email, or text. You can quickly mobilize personnel and team based on the unfolding situation. That allows for better coordination, informed decision-making, and faster feedback. The security solution includes a physical access control system to help you secure people, assets, and property. It also lets you respond to alerts from any location to let you monitor and secure different sites at the touch of a button.

Professional Guidance from Solution Experts
With so many features on offer, the Motorola Safety Reimagined platform can be a tad intimidating. At Diversified Electronics, we’ve helped numerous clients make the most of their security technology and get the best results.  As a Motorola Solutions Channel Partner & Service Elite Specialist, we’re able to help you choose the right system for your team. We’ll provide professional guidance to help you get the system that’s customized to your unique needs. 

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