Protect your Teachers, Staff, and Students with Motorola Safety Reimagined Platform

With safety and security increasingly becoming critical in the school environment, Motorola Solutions built the world’s first end-to-end platform that combines voice, video, data, and analytics. Aptly dubbed Safe Schools, this ecosystem lets you address every imaginable challenge in a school environment.

Everyday incidents, like a fight in a hallway, an allergic reaction on the playground, or an injury in gym class, threaten to disrupt the educational process. Beyond these incidents, the rise of extreme events — including active shooters and bomb threats — are challenging schools to prepare for worst-case scenarios.

How Can Safety Reimagined Help

This mission critical solution from Motorola aims to create a safe, secure, and enabling learning environment for all students. 

School Safety

Every child has the right to learn in a safe and supportive school environment. They should worry about being jumped in the hallways, being stuffed in a locker, or losing their lunch money. Bullying is linked to numerous negative mental, social, physical, emotional, health, and academic issues. By bringing together the technologies and solutions, you need to detect, analyze, communicate, and respond, Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined is helping you build a safe school.

  • The technology eliminates blind spots that could pose a danger to both students and staff to give you the certainty that your charges are safe. More importantly, the system gives you predictive powers. It’ll help you recognize patterns to let you anticipate actions that lead to specific unwanted actions. The warning signs allow you to nip incidents in the bud before they escalate.
  • The technology provides the rare ability to identify potential threats and resolve incidents before they escalate can let you guarantee safety and security to every one of your charges.

While Safe School is an excellent solution, picking the right features to suit your school can be overwhelming. Having a skilled expert by your side helps to demystify the process. Diversified Electronics can help you pick the right features and products that suit your school’s unique needs.

Technology Grants from the Education Stabilization Act

The government has set aside $82 billion to help schools and institutions of higher learning bolster. The grant program, administered through the U.S. Department of Education, is meant to help schools prevent the spread of the virus and respond to its threat. The Coronavirus Response & Relief Act provides the grant under three programs:

  1. The $54.3 billion Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER II) fund.
  2. The $22.7 billion Higher Education Emergency Relief (HEER II) Fund.
  3. The $4.2 billion Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER II) Fund.

Motorola Solutions can help you bolster your institution’s Coronavirus response and preparedness. But most importantly, it’ll also complement your efforts to create a safe and enabling learning environment for years to come.

 Keep the Peace

Fights in the hallways and schoolyards not only disturb the peace but also pose grievous bodily harm to your students. The Safe School system lets you detect and identify scenarios leading up to such fights and dispatch the security personnel before the fights begin. Its analytical capacity can identify fighting hotspots, prominent instigators, and the bullying fraternity to let you act firmly.

Root out Troublemakers

Suspensions are choice punishments for dealing with wayward students hellbent on causing chaos or disregarding school rules. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to enforce such punishments due to competing priorities in a busy learning environment. Some suspended troublemakers keep sneaking back to school to cause more trouble.

The video analytics in the Safe School system provides you with an effortless yet bulletproof solution. You only need to tag the troublemakers, and the system will flag them and alert the security team if they dare to turn up.

Protect Your Athletic Team

Teenagers and young athletes are a highly competitive bunch, and some will go to extra-length to secure a place on the school team. Some won’t report an injury to the coach or seek medical attention for fear of being benched. With the Safe School system, you can keep your athletic teams healthy and eliminate such incidents.

The video system is paired with artificial intelligence that can quickly identify and flag unnatural movements in the playing fields or the hallways. You can program the system to tag injured athletes and alert the coaches for further follow-up.

Ensure Safety in Extreme Events

Unfortunate incidents ranging from deranged shooters, fires, and natural calamities such as earthquakes pose a grave danger in a learning institution. While most institutions run fire and safety drills, they are never truly prepared for such an event.

The Safe School solution will let you refine your disaster preparedness and hone it to an art form. The video system can help you analyze the institution’s response and identify the bottlenecks and shortcomings. You can then set out to eliminate each of them until your charges can evacuate and shelter safely until help arrives.

Pandemic Mitigation

A robust communication system is crucial to your preparedness during the current pandemic. It can help you enforce some of the recommended safety measures that will help prevent crowds and overcrowding. Safe Schools affords you a chance to jump the online learning bandwagon without burdening your institution with extra costs.

Customized to your Unique Needs

With so many options to pick from, getting the right fit for your learning institution can be quite challenging. But you can count on Diversified Electronics to help you choose the most favorable solution to suit your needs.

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