Motorola WAVE 7000

Today, push-to-talk is more important than ever, as teams expect to be constantly connected in a mobile world. As the capabilities, capacity and coverage of Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks increase, many customers desire to leverage broadband networks to enhance and optimise their group communications services.

WAVE 7000 provides a high-performance PTT platform that can be linked to a private or public LTE network and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks so that users can communicate across any network on any device.

Whether on a consumer smartphone, a ruggedised handheld or a two-way radio, WAVE 7000 offers a secure, optimised PTT experience. WAVE 7000 is designed with a roadmap to meet 3GPP Release 13 standards called “Mission Critical PTT” for high-availability PTT over LTE. Because WAVE 7000 can be integrated at the network level, it provides unrivaled reliability, sub-second call performance and crisp voice quality.

    • Group calls
    • Personal group calls
    • Ad-hoc group calls
    • Private calls
    • “Polite” private calls
    • Broadcast calls
    • Add thousands of users to enterprise talkgroups
    • Assign users from across multiple enterprises to a talkgroup
    • Provision priority levels across talkgroups
    • Know the location of your team, no matter what device they use
    • Select layers of data to see different work teams or resources
    • Message, PTT or call individuals or groups based on their location
    • Instantly create geo-fenced groups for PTT and messaging
    • Personalise maps with your own specific data
    • Share images, video and audio clips for increased awareness
    • Create incident groups for quick content sharing

    WAVE 7000 is built on a fully redundant, high-availability, architecture. Local redundancy provides an additional server within the same location as your primary server, ensuring that even if your hardware fails, WAVE does not. Geo-redundancy provides additional servers in separate geographic regions, protecting your network against catastrophic events.


    WAVE 7000 offers a high-capacity PTT solution that supports hundreds of thousands of users on a single server instance. With server clustering, you can easily add millions of PTT users, supporting even the largest of deployments.

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