Motorola MVX 1000 Mobile Digital Video System

As vehicular video becomes a necessity in law enforcement, we deliver the MVX1000. From its rugged, solid-state form factor to its intuitive user interface, the MVX1000 Mobile Digital Video System is designed to capture high-quality video in the vehicle while letting you focus on your job. The solid-state hard drive records video, audio and GPS location. At the station, download data to the server – wirelessly, or over a wire. Video, audio, and data streams can be reviewed or exported as evidence. Correlate video from multiple vehicles – or with additional software, integrate fixed-video feeds and audio logs to reconstruct an incident, minutes or months after it occurs.

  • Advanced video storage and processing
    Easily find, manage, and export video evidence.
  • Built-in 802.11n with 3x3 MIMO
    Supports wireless transfer speeds up to six times faster than 802.11g (requires appropriate network infrastructure.
  • Choice of data transfer methods
    Upload data over the wire or wirelessly.
  • Choose your interface
    Connect to an in-car MDT (like the MW810 Mobile Workstation or a laptop) or use the dedicated 5-inch touch screen display.
  • Correlation capabilities
    Once on server, in-vehicle videos and data can be synchronized and combined with fixed-video and voice into a single incident (fixed-video and voice support optional).
  • Installs in trunk or passenger cabin
    Compact, fanless, solid-state form factor allows installation virtually anywhere, making best use of vehicle space.
  • Mission critical user interface
    Clear and intuitive, designed with input from public safety personnel and Motorola’s experts to let you concentrate on the situation at hand.
  • Rugged and compact
    MIL-STD-810G tested and IP54-sealed, designed to deal with heat, cold, vibration, humidity, water spray, dust and other hazards.
  • Ten-second rewind
    Instantly check what just happened, with one click.
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