Zebra MC90XX Forklift Solution

This size-optimized forklift mobile computing asset management solution is ideal for any style of forklift, especially when space is at a premium. The ability to mount an MC90XX Series mobile computer and easily remove it from the cradle provides the best of both worlds — workers can use the device as needed, in handheld or forklift-mounted mode. Asset management solution mobile computer and cradle are sold separately.

  • Compatibility with multiple models
    The cradle supports MC90X0-G and MC90XX-K models. Customers can choose from a wide variety of configurations based on form factor, scan engine (long range, standard range or imaging scan engines); wireless connectivity (WLAN, WWAN and Bluetooth), and keyb
  • Constant charge via optional power converter
    Support for 9-30VDC and 18-75VDC forklifts enables use of solution in virtually all forklifts, ensuring charging capability and full shift availability of docked MC90XX and tethered peripherals, eliminating the need for additional desktop cradles and spar
  • Flexible mounting bracket
    RAM mount compatibility enables easy installation with all forklift types: sit down, stand up and walkies.
  • Maximizes functionality and flexibility of MC90XX
    The cradle enables full access to the MC90XX display and keyboard when docked within the cradle; ability to remove MC90XX eliminates the need to purchase second handheld device for forklift operators.
  • Powered and rugged USB and RS232 ports
    Amphenol connectors designed for the harsh warehouse environment provides reliable connection of, and power for, a wide variety of peripherals, including bar code scanners and wireless printers
  • Rugged design
    The cradle is built for the harsh environment of the forklift, with the ability to handle 14 GRMs of random vibration, 35,000 shocks at 30 Gs and over 100,000 insertions and removals of an MC90XX Series mobile computer.
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