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Avigilon’s Artificial Intelligence - Business Security Platform

Businesses face a range of security and safety challenges. From preventing business thief, keeping customers safe, and protecting staff from workplace accidents. Consequently, many businesses find basic video surveillance systems that require manual monitoring not adequate. Additionally, these older security systems are not efficient and require additional resources and cost to operate. Integrating Avigilon’s command center video management software with smart cameras and access control system is a solid foundation for businesses security and safety. Avigilon’s AI-based video security and access control solutions promise next-level workplace safety and security.

Here is an overview of how Avigilon Artificial Intelligence and security solutions can improve workplace safety:

1. Compliance
Employees’ compliance with workplace safety rules is essential for operational efficiency and staff safety. However, employees can get busy and forget to follow business safety & security processes. Avigilon AI-based video security solutions can be programmed to identify behavior that does not comply with safety policies. Avigilon appearance search technology can help managers easily identify non-compliant employees and follow up with additional workplace safety training. Ensuring compliance with safety rules will reduce accidents at the workplace. Consequently, the business will avoid potential legal issues and help improve employees’ productivity, benefiting all parties.

Diversified Electronics has a comprehensive range of Avigilon ACM solutions, and we will help you choose the best one for your needs. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help.

2. Investigation
Every accident that occurs at the workplace should be investigated. This is important for determining the potential shortfalls in current safety policies and procedures. This will help with instituting any corrective actions to eliminate future safety issues. In the case of legal proceedings, the investigation can help determine how the company should proceed. Workplace accident investigations are not always conclusive, usually because of insufficient evidence. However, nothing misses Avigilon AI’s security camera surveillance solutions. What’s more, investigators don’t have to sift through hours of surveillance, thanks to the platform’s advanced search solutions. For example, investigators can search through large video surveillance footage by using identifiers from the accident’s description. The improved results from Avigilon’s video search solution also make it easy to identify potential accident hazards. They are also effective for investigating repetitive accidents or injuries. Management can then solve the problem to minimize injuries among employees – and the resulting lawsuits.

Diversified Electronics can help you get the best Avigilon AI security solutions for exhaustive workplace accident investigations. Get in touch today to explore our solutions.

3. Training
Businesses are responsible for training employees on how to stay safe as a part of their workplace safety policy. The quality of safety training can mean the difference between an accident and smooth operations. As such, it is important to offer clear training materials, including video examples of correct safety policies. Avigilon’s solutions will support the recording of crystal-clear employee training videos. Videos are easier to follow compared to text manuals, and employees can use visual examples to practice the safety tips. Avigilon video security solutions allow safety experts to teach safety classes and leverage video for detailed examples of correct behaviors. Avigilon access control manager can also compile videos of accidents caused by negligence to raise awareness. More employees will be more alert about making mistakes when they see real-life accidents.

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Final Thoughts
Security and safety at the workplace are essential, and Avigilon AI video security solutions offer exceptional, AI-powered solutions. Avigilon’s solutions help improve compliance and support safety training and accident investigations. Get in touch with Diversified Electronics to get the best Avigilon AI workplace safety solutions.

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