Motorola CAD

Give dispatchers the ability to quickly and efficiently handle incident information — ultimately improving officer safety and better protecting the communities they serve with Motorola CAD. This intuitive application utilizes Windows® 2003 to automate 9-1-1 call responses and dispatch functions. Motorola CAD can also function as a standalone product or be integrated with other Motorola software applications, such as Premier MDC® (mobile data software).

  • Product highlights include:
    •A multi-agency/multi-jurisdictional system. •High-availability design of 99.9% availability. •ESRI-based geographic data management combined with feature-rich mapping components to correlate locations and data. •Flexible configuration for unique defin
  • Reliable and accurate:
    •High-availability design provides a minimum of 99.9% availability. •24x7x365 availability and automatic information sharing result in reduced manual activities. •A coordinate-based geofile founded on ESRI® data formats and tools result in more accurate
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