Motorola GCP 8000 Site Controller

Optimize the channel resources at ASTRO® 25 RF Sites using the GCP 8000 Site Controller. The dual design of GCP 8000 controller provides automatic failover to deliver uninterrupted system operation for mission critical radio service. The software upgradeable GCP 8000 Site Controller can be easily configured to increase capacity when installing new base radio hardware.

  • Automatic Failover
    Primary and backup controllers are available for all systems
  • Battery Revert and Charging
    Eliminates need for an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in many installations
  • Dual Power Supplies
    Two controllers share two power supplies eliminating a single point of failure.
  • Easy Install
    Ships factory aligned ready for installation
  • Front Serviceable
    Perform all servicing from the front of the controller
  • Future Ready
    No initial field alignment or servicing required
  • Hot Swap Hardware
    Service and replace hardware without system down-time
  • Online Software Download
    Download software while online and fully operational
  • Password Protected
    Password-only, user/password, and RADIUS server authentication configurations are supported
  • Redundancy
    Redundant integrated frequency distribution and Ethernet switches connect all base radios in a GTR 8000 Expandable Site Subsystem (ESS)
  • Robust, Enhanced IP Stack
    Built to comply with Department of Defense STIGs for secure network communications
  • Secure Connectivity
    Secure SNMPv3 and secure shell (SSH) IP connectivity provided with Microsoft Windows® configuration service software
  • Software Defined Radio
    Upgrade to new functionality through software updates and configuration changes
No additional specifications are available for this product