Motorola Digital Vehicular Repeater System(DVRS)

Digital Vehicular Repeater Systems (DVRS) from Futurecom is a radio system component that provides repeater capability between portable subscribers and RF base station infrastructure, extending radio coverage of your network. Installed in the trunk of a car, fire truck or other vehicles or fixed mounted, the DVRS extends your ASTRO 25 network when portable users are outside of your vehicle, inside of a building or in any marginal coverage area.

  • Compatibility
    The DVRS can be interfaced with XTL5000 (O3 or O5 Control Head) and XTL2500 (M5 Control Head) Remote Mount Mobile Radios.
  • Cross-Band
    Combining portable subscribers in one band with an infrastructure system in a different band improves RF capabilities. Allows cross banding in VHF, UHF, 800/700 MHz.
  • End-to-End Encryption
    Supports a wide array of encryption schemes (DES/DES-XL/DES-OFB, AES, AES with DES-XL/DES-OFB, DVP-XL, DVI-XL and ADP) for secure communications in extended coverage areas.
  • Flash Upgradeable
    USB interface for ease in upgrading and programming without the need for proprietary cabling.
  • Flexible Coverage Expansion
    The DVRS extends portable radio coverage and the overall system footprint without the need for expensive fixed-antenna site equipment.
  • Intelligent Activation
    Allows for remote activation through the subscriber or preprogrammed triggers (e.g. opening of car door, removing portable from charger). This allows the user to activate remote functions in an emergency.
  • Portable ID Pass-Through
    DVRS gives portable users a true presence on the network with user IDs.
  • Power Output
    Transmit power is programmable per channel to 1-10W.
  • Seamless ASTRO 25 System Expansion via P25 DVRS
    'Pass-through' of inbound and outbound ASTRO 25 trunked signaling and radio functions allows the advanced portable features to work transparently.
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