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RMN5068A Desktop Microphone
RMN5070 Desktop Microphone
RMN5088 Commander™ II Series Remote Speaker Microphone (Rugged, Submersible)
RMN5114 Lightweight Temple Transducer Headset
RMN5116 Receive and Transmit Boomless Temple Transducer
RMN5127 IMPRES Keypad Microphone
RMN5133 3M Peltor HT Series Headset With 3.5mm Non-Threaded Jack
RMN5135 TacticalPro Series Neckband Headset With Nexus Connector
RMN5137 3M Peltor MT Series Over-The-Head Headset With Direct Radio Connect
RMN5138 3M Peltor MT Series Neckband Headset With Direct Radio Connect
RMN5139 3M Peltor MT Series Hard-Hat Attached Headset With Direct Radio Connect
RSN4001 External 13 Watt Speaker
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