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Maintain Operational Safety, Security, and Protect Employees

by Following Social Distancing Guidelines.

Social Distance Safety Solutions

Keep day-to-day operations running while implementing mandated social distancing guidelines. Get instant communications and current information when you need it. Diversified Electronics helps increase security and safety with next generation radio communications solutions.


Safety First Approach

We understand that first and foremost the safety of your team members is your top priority, enabling you to continue serving your customer’s needs.

Diversified Electronics is here to help provide you with a solution.

Let us help you improve your communications with your team while keeping them safe.



  • Add New Devices: We are helping customers add devices to their existing fleet to increase efficiency and improve the ability to practice social distancing.
  • Accessories: Providing customers with additional earpieces, speaker mics, and batteries to avoid cross contamination
  • Rental Radios: Customers are using our rental fleet to supplement for on-site testing.


Maintain Safety

Disinfecting Radios & Accessories: Please download Motorola’s Guide

Radio Cleaning Guide

+ Guidelines to Clean/Disinfect Radios, Cameras and Accessories PDF

+ Guidelines to Clean/Disinfect Base Stations, Repeaters, Gateways, Dispatch Consoles and other Fixed Infrastructure PDF


Grant InformationSpecial offers and grant assistance available

Special offers and grant assistance programs are available for select solutions.
Explore options on the technology used to keep your agency or business connected.


Apply for the Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program by May 29


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