Zebra ES 6510 Ethernet Wallplate Switch

The ES 6510 Ethernet Wallplate Switch is designed for wired LAN environments of dormitory and hotel guest rooms. Standard service personnel can install the ES 6510 in minutes, not hours, using existing category 5 or 6 cabling already in the walls, with installation that is predictable and repeatable – two key reasons the ES 6510 will dramatically lower the installation time and cost of a room wireless LAN.

The sleek "hide in sight" design and small size of the Ethernet Switch matches the decor of any room. The ES 6510 includes intelligent self-optimizing Controller code, which allows a small property to gain the benefits of a central controller – central configuration and status, and management – without the cost of a dedicated management switch.

For larger properties and facilities, the ES 6510 can be managed by Zebra's WiNG-based wireless switches and platforms for very high scalability and seamless integration with other indoor and outdoor 802.11n access points.


  • Application Support
    Supports SIP Call Admission Control, for optimized VoLAN performance, as well as video streaming and data throughput for wired clients.
  • Full line rate performance with standard 802.3af
    Simplifies and reduces total cost of installation using standard Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).
  • Modular Industrial Design

    The mounting bracket features six unique hole patterns to match almost any telecom plate worldwide. A keystone snap-in port provides a fast method to connect any secondary cabling behind the wall to the switch. If the snap-in port is not used for a secondary cabling behind the wall to the switch. If the snap-in port is not used for a secondary cable, it can be dedicated as a switched Fast Ethernet port.

  • Security
    This unique multi-purpose device can execute and enforce the IDS/IPS security policies configured in the Motorola wireless switch
  • Sleek form factor
    Designed to ‘hide in sight’ over any standard Cat5/6 structured wiring plate. The LEDs can be disabled by administrator command to further blend and disappear on the wall.
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