Motorola MWMS Mobile Workforce Management Software

Creating a focused workforce is one of the larger costs of doing business. With Mobile Workforce Management Software, you can provide your workers with an up-to-the-minute, prioritized task list and help ensure a productive shift every time. Tasks are automatically delivered to the mobile device of the worker best suited for the job, monitored until they're completed and automatically escalated when needed – no manual intervention required. Supervisors, as well, no longer need to walk around your facility, nor page associates to track task status, because they can simply look at a real-time task management mobile dashboard. Ultimately, Mobile Workforce Management Software makes it easy to deliver a focused and productive workforce with an exceptional new type of task management tool.

  • Automatic Intelligent Task Dispatch
    Identifies the worker or workgroup most qualified for a specific task and then factors in availability, skill set and other criteria.
  • Comprehensive User Task Management Functionality
    Users can accept tasks, pause and resume in the event of an interruption, decline tasks and indicate when tasks are complete; tasks that are declined may be automatically returned to the task pool for reassignment
  • Flexible Input Sources
    Through the External Systems Interface, enterprise IT and partner systems or sensors can interact with the Mobile Workforce Management, enabling the extension of tasks generated by these applications to mobile devices.
  • Integrates with Other Retail Systems
    Mobile Workforce Management is designed to work with other Partner and customer IT systems such as Time and Attendance Scheduling, Corporate Workforce Management, PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), industry-specific systems, Video Analytics, HVAC/Refri
  • Local Language Support
    Task title and task details can be delivered in the user’s preferred language
  • Manager Dashboard
    Provides a snapshot of tasks and workers on the Motorola Solutions ET1 Tablet and mobile computers
  • Reporting and Metrics
    Standard ready-to-use reports provide information on users, tasks, templates, system information and more; custom reports are easily generated
  • Scan-to-Start
    A scan of the bar code on a product or asset within your facilities returns an appropriate template for fast and easy task creation
  • Template-based Task Creation
    Company-defined forms enable rapid creation of tasks.
  • Works with Many Different Mobile Devices
    Works with a wide variety of Motorola Solutions mobile devices, including the groundbreaking new SB1 Smart Badge, tablets, handheld mobile computers, kiosks, two-way radios and more.
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